Why should you hire graphic designer

Why should you hire a Graphic Designer?

Graphic Designer

In this era, the internet is a great way that allows small and medium business owners to modify and grow their brand with the help of a great logo, brochures, and flyers without any coding and editing knowledge. So why should they hire a graphic designer, great question, right? 

How many times have I seen it in my career: a client wants to have promotional material designed for print and sends me a minuscule logo (usually taken from their website)? When I ask about a better-quality logo, people often mumble something about a nephew who “knows” Photoshop and once made the logo.

Like many starting self-employed people, they tried to cut costs when they started their businesses. But, unfortunately, cutting costs at the start can cost you more later.

There’s a huge difference between a $35 logo you bought from an online site (or made with a free app) and one custom-made for you and your business. Good graphic designers will find the best way to put your products and services in the spotlight.

They know what the competition is doing (because they will do market research on this), keep your preferences in mind (do you maybe dislike the color orange?), and will offer you some creative solutions to get your message across. And just as important: they will design the logo in the right software so that it can be printed afterward at any printer in any format without loss of quality. Today, graphic design has become one of the main pillars of all communication channels. It doesn’t matter if it’s road clarification at the airport, the cover of a book, or the realization of modern magazines and catalogs. Graphic design is everywhere.

What effect a good graphic designer has on your clients and how to find a quality freelance graphic designer that can take care of your projects is what we will focus on in today’s article. Before diving into the core, here are three questions and answers about graphic designers to help you understand this blog better:

  • Where do they work?

A graphic designer usually works at an advertising agency, web designer, printer, or publishing house. However, it is also possible to perform this profession as an independent entrepreneur. A combination of both is also common, especially among novice professionals. They work in the office, usually behind their computer. Outside the office, freelance designers have contacts with clients.

  • What do they do?

A graphic designer is involved in the design of printed matter, digital products, or designs for use in various media. They should think of: brochures, leaflets, posters, flyers, book covers, and websites. It is also possible that they do the design of a logo or house style. A graphic designer comes up with a concept based on the wishes and needs of the customer. The designer then works out the design of this concept using a computer program. It is important that they take the client’s budget into account. Their concept and design are also in line with the target group for whom the product is intended.

  • What do they have to be able to do?

A graphic designer is an artistic person with great creative ability. They have the ability to think visually. This means they can convert an observation, a feeling, or an idea into an image. It is also important that they can come up with shapes based on concrete guidelines. Designers should be able to apply this skill, especially when designing in a contract situation. A graphic designer must also be able to observe and analyze well so that his creations come out optimally. In addition, a graphic designer must be open to criticism and listen carefully to the wishes and requirements of a client.

What is graphic designing, and where is it used?

Graphic design encompasses the several ways in which you can represent your business, products, and services. It utilizes the effects of color, shapes, illustrations, typography, and symbols to convey a message to the customers or audience. As we mentioned above, it is one of the main pillars of communication.

Graphic design is a huge field. Everything related to communication is based on elements of graphic design. You can find it on the covers of books, magazines, annual reports, packaging, signage systems, or in banners and advertisements. With the design, you can convey your message to customers and the audience, sometimes much better than with words.


How does a graphic designer work?

With the help of a suitable strategy, a design expert can meet the expectations of customers. The design itself and the trial versions are important in the design process so that the desired effect is achieved. A quality freelance graphic designer will work with these steps:

Step 1: Determine the strategy

Before you commission the development of a corporate identity for your company, you should think about the values ​​your company stands for. Who are your customers, and what do they respond to? A detailed briefing is the basis for any successful collaboration.

  • An excellent designer will do the research. The expert will analyze the market situation and competitors and describe the buyer persona or the ideal customer.
  • They work out which features of the company or products stand out and set you apart from the competition.
  • With all this information, a detailed briefing is prepared. Sometimes a first brainstorm about the design can already take place here.

Step 2: The Conception

In this step, several ideas for implementation are developed. Usually, the process starts with sketching, making mood boards, and stuff like that. Make sure you are always involved in important decisions when you hire a graphic designer. That speeds up the process enormously.

At the end of this phase, the concept is ready for implementation. How long this process takes depends on the size of the project.

Step 3: The Design

Once the concept has been established, and the colors and fonts have been determined, then it is time for the actual implementation. Now the artistic skills of the designers come into play when designing advertisements, picture brochures, or catalogs. The basis of every design is the specifications of the structure style.

How does good graphic design affect your customers?

Graphic design has a lot to do with art. Only art here is suitable for everyday use. With good design, you can make a completely different impression on your customers than without. Good design is characterized by an optimal balance between shapes, typography, and colors. Therefore, the reduction to the essentials is at the forefront of many designs.

Design experts create concepts to convey the desired message by using the effect of colors in combination with shapes. Stability, flexibility, versatility, etc., are qualities that can be conveyed subliminally with the design. Today, only good design can score points with the target audience and set you apart from the competition.

Quality freelance graphic designer: Different fields

As mentioned, graphic design encompasses various disciplines. The most well-known fields offered by design experts are the following.

  • Editorial design

Editorial design is the design of journals, magazines, or even books. The focus is on the layout and design of printed media. Projects in this area collaborate closely with photographers, illustrators, editors, and designers.

  • Packaging design

The amalgamation of structure, shape, color, images, and typography characterizes packaging design. So how do you package a product in a way that is both effective in advertising and safe at the same time? That is the question that packaging answers.

  • Typography

Typography encompasses everything related to the design of typefaces and their aesthetic use. Fonts are created based on design preferences and support the message a company wants to convey.

  • Corporate design

Every company needs a Corporate Design (CD), a unified overall picture of how a brand graphically appears to the public. This includes logos, company colors, fonts, and possibly certain shapes. Communication tools such as business cards, stationery, flyers, and websites are created on the basis of the CD.

  • Communication design

Communication design can be thought of as a generic term for the areas just explained. A communications designer can involve all types of media design, be it banners, posters, online advertisements, flyers, or brochures.

The difference between communication designers and graphic designers is hardly noticeable. Today the differences are minimal.

hire freelance graphic designer

Here are the 5 reasons to hire a graphic designer:

  • Save time: We are all busy. Do you really have time to make your logo, flyers, and brochures? You initially think, “I’ll do that for a while,” but suddenly, hours and free evenings creep in. A graphic designer can create a design in a quarter of the time it would take you.
  • Saving money: A graphic designer knows the most cost-effective way to design your material and keeps printing costs low. By the time you’ve designed a layout in Microsoft Publisher (a program that printers hate because they can’t process the files), a designer will already have a file ready in a software package that printers have no problem with.
  • There has to be a difference: People will only remember you if your material stands out (preferably in a positive way) compared to the competition. A clear brand (nowadays, the term “Branding” is popular) will make your business stand out from the competition.
  • Conformity in your house style: A designer will ensure that the correct fonts and colors are always used and that the look & feel of all your material remains the same in order to create a stronger brand and ensure greater recognizability.

Out of your head, on paper: Many customers know what they want but need help to convey this. A designer is able to translate your wishes into visual material. This can be done on the basis of mood boards, sketches, and mock-ups, … in a few stages, we work together towards a result that we are both satisfied with.

Make a good lasting impression with the right logo and marketing collateral to build your business. The right designer will work with your budget and help you decide what you need to grow your business.

How do you hire the best graphic designer for your needs?

Before choosing a graphic designer, you should definitely look at the references. A very good expert already presents successful projects in his portfolio. It also explains what services are offered.

Find a specialist for the projects you have in mind. Get advice in advance and see if the agency suits you. This is where IBDA3X can help you. You tell us your wishes and needs for the implementation of your project, and we will make a pre-selection for you. This way, you can easily find the perfect graphic designer for your work.

Rely on experienced designers that have the right know-how to make your house style, brochures, or advertisements the success you want. Platforms such as IBDA3X provide a good overview of the available experts, their references, and their specialties.

Quality freelance graphic designer: The Conclusion

Graphic design can have a major impact on your target audience’s perception of products. Very good design can increase the success of a company. As an entrepreneur, you can no longer ignore good graphic design in the current market situation.

The competition with big visual appearances is just too strong. So instead, benefit from the skills and know-how of professionals and hire a graphic designer for the production of CDs, marketing materials, or advertisements. First, however, find out which designer suits you exactly to get the most out of a collaboration.

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