This Privacy Policy tells you (IBDA3X) policies and procedures for the collection, use, and disclosure of information through (“Site”).

It includes websites, features, applications, or online services owned or controlled by IBDA3X and that post a link to this Privacy Policy (together with the Site, the “Service”).

It also includes any information IBDA3X collects offline in connection with the Service.

This Privacy Policy describes the choices available to you for the use of, your access to, and how to update and correct your personal information.

This Privacy Policy incorporates by reference IBDA3X Data Processing Agreement.

Note that we combine the information we collect from you from the Site, through the Service generally, or offline.

Please also review our Terms of Service, which governs your use of the Service, and which is accessible at

We’ve provided short summaries in this Privacy Policy (in italics throughout) to help you understand what information we collect, how we use it, and what choices or rights you may have.

While these summaries help explain some of these concepts in a simple and clear way, we encourage you to read the entire Privacy Policy to understand our data practices.

Privacy and policy :


1- personal information

2-identity verification

3-general audience services 

4-users profile

5-data retention 

6-your choices and rights



Privacy and policy : 


Information You Provide to Us

When you use the Service, you may provide us with information about you. This may include your name and contact information, financial information to make or receive payment for services obtained through IBDA3X platform. When you use the Service, we may also collect information related to your use of the Service and aggregate this with information about other users. This helps us improve our Services for you. You may also provide us with information about your contacts or friends if, for example, you’d like to add those contacts to a message room.

1-Personal Information: 

While using the Service (whether as a Client or Freelancer ), we may require or otherwise collect information that identifies you as a specific individual and can be used to contact or identify you (“Personal Information”). Examples of Personal Information include your name, email address, company address, billing address, and phone number.

Payment Information:

Stay safe!

By paying through ibda3X, you protect yourself from fraud and remain covered by ibda3X hourly protection.

Please report any user requesting payments outside of Ibda3X, as it is against our policy and terms and may signal a fraudulent offer.

If you use the Service to make or receive payments, we will also collect certain payment information, such as credit card or other financial account information, and billing address.

2-Identity Verification: 

We may collect Personal Information, such as your date of birth .We may collect Personal Information to verify your identity and to detect fraud, identity theft, or other misuse of your account through facial recognition and other technologies.This might be a photograph of your face, a selfie, or data about your interactions with the Service.We may request documents to verify this information, such as a copy of your government-ID. From time to time, IBDA3X may require you to take and submit another or updated image of your face for comparison to your government-ID. The information collected are used only to verify your identity and platform security and use integrity purposes.

3-General Audience Service: 

The Service is general audience and intended for users 18 and older. We do not knowingly collect Personal Information from anyone younger than age 18. If we become aware that a child younger than 18 has provided us with Personal Information, we will use commercially reasonable efforts to delete such information from our files. If you are the parent or legal guardian of a child younger than age 18.


We also may collect other information, such as zip codes, information about your use of the Service, and general project-related data (“Non-Identifying Information”). (“IBDA3X Users”). In some cases, we may render Personal Information (generally, email address) into a form of Non-Identifying Information referred to in this Privacy Policy.

4-Users Profiles:

Freelancers may create a profile, with certain or all information publicly available. Clients can also create a profile.

You may have the opportunity to create a profile, which consists of information about you, and may include Personal Information, photographs, examples of your work, information on work previously performed via the Service and outside the Service, skills, tests taken, test scores, hourly pay rates and earnings information, feedback/rating information and other information, including your username (“Profile”). The information in your Profile may be visible to all IBDA3X Users and the general public subject to the privacy choices you make within your IBDA3X Profile. You may edit certain information in your Profile via your account and may choose to limit who is able to view certain content you post to your Profile 

Identity Verification

We place a premium on trust in our Service, so we may take steps to verify your identity.

Before a Freelancer can complete registration on the Service, or at any time thereafter, we may request or re-request identity verification. Without limiting the manner in which we request identify verification, we may require Freelancers to participate in a video call after submitting their government-ID to enable us to confirm that the Freelancer is indeed the individual in the ID. IBDA3X may use the information obtained from Identity Verification for purposes of verifying your identity, enforcing our Terms of Service, and preventing fraud.

We will not accept any inaccurate account or not completed profiles the will be deleted immediately to maintain our high quality


Freelancers,  and Clients may communicate with each other through the Service. For example, Freelancers and Clients may wish to discuss Client needs and Freelancer work proposals.


We collect public and private feedback from IBDA3X Users about their experience with other IBDA3X Users of our Service. Please note that any public feedback that you provide via the Service about your experience with other IBDA3X Users of our Service or that is provided about you by other Users is publicly viewable via the Service. On rare occasions, we may remove feedback pursuant to the relevant provisions of our Terms of Service, including the Terms of Use . Any private feedback that you provide via the Service about your experience with other IBDA3X Users of our Service or that is provided about you by other Users will not be publicly viewable via the Service . We also collect feedback from Users about our Service. We use this information to respond to your inquiries, improve the Service and how our Site functions, and develop new products and features.Email to Friends and Referral Program IBDA3X lets you send project postings to friends via email. IBDA3X also offers the ability to send friends emails about providing or purchasing services through the Service. You should only provide IBDA3X contact information from individuals who are familiar to you and with their consent. If you choose to use either feature, your friend’s email address will be used to send the requested posting and your email address will be used to copy you on the message to your friend or to send the message on your behalf. IBDA3X stores this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and tracking the success of our referral program.


Passport or ID are just ordered once signing up to make sure that your a real person


According to applicable law, you may have certain choices and rights associated with your personal information.

Communication Preferences

Registered IBDA3X Users may update their choices regarding the types of communications you receive from us through your online account.

Registered IBDA3X Users who access the Service by using an IBDA3X mobile application may, with permission, receive push notifications. Similarly, registered IBDA3X Users who access the Service by using certain desktop browsers may, with permission, receive push notifications. Notification preferences can be modified in the settings menu for the mobile application or the applicable browser.

Public profiles 

(The profile you create on our Platform will be publicly accessible)


IBDA3X do not have any responsibility or control over the Freelancer Services that Client purchases. Nothing in this Agreement deems or will be interpreted to deem IBDA3X or any Affiliate as Client’s or Freelancer’s agent with respect to any Freelancer Services, or expand or modify any warranty, liability or indemnity stated in the Terms of Service. For example, IBDA3X does not guarantee the performance, functionality, quality, or timeliness of Freelancer Services or that a Client can or will make payments.


IBDA3X timer and screenshots will be used by freelancers who are making clients jobs to submit jobs and screenshots by turning the time tracker on it will automatically take a screenshot of your desktop page every 10 minutes and it will appear to the clients screen while working to have a look at the freelancers screen while working to guarantee and have the best results.

(You agree to use and turn on the Ibda3X time tracker while working and to not open any page or other desktop applications that has no interest related to the job during making the clients work )


1-lying about your experience, skills

2-sexually explicit or related to sex work or escort services

3-allow someone else to use your account

4-for freelancers(Not putting your real picture on your account)

5-not getting the verification mark on your profile will suspend your account and it will be deleted immediately.


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